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Matteo Russo

Born in the hottest region of our peninsula, in particular in Crotone. He learnt how to take pictures between the tracks of the trains that he used to dirty. Graffiti artist for passion he met the cinema, by chance, in 2011. He founded an association and has started shooting video clips.


In 2015 he directed the documentary about the rapper Clementino and in 2018 he directed “Amare Affondo”, a short movie bought by RAI cinema Channel.


In 2019 he improved his skills in Los Angeles, attending the the New York film academy, where he directed a short movie in Hollywood. His last short movie “Amal”, directed with Antonio Buscema, is currently on air in festivals around the world.


Since 2020 he has been founder and artistic director of “Calabria Movie International Short Film Festival.



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